• Drip irrigation is the most effective and cost-efficient irrigation method for a wide range of crops.
  • The drip lines have a unique single chamber polyethylene tubes with injection –molded dripper welded to the inner wall of the tube.
  • Each dripper has a filter inlet hence highest resistance to clogging.
  • Flexible inter dripper spacing:- 10cm,15cm,20cm,25cm,30cm,40cm,45cm,60cm,90cm,1mt,2mt,3mt.
  • Choice of flow rates
  • It’s suitable for any crop and climatic conditions.
  • It’s resistant to fertilizers and chemicals used in agriculture.
  • High emission uniformity.

Technical specifications:-


Diameter 16mm 12mm
Wall Thickness 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 1mm
Dripper Discharge 1l/hr, 1.2l/hr, 1.6l/hr, 1.8l/hr, 2l/hr, 2.3l/hr
Working pressure 0.5 to 3bars maximum working pressure

Pressure compensated non drain pipes.

These are drip pipes which are manufactured using drippers which are tested in a swiss lab.

Below are the characteristics of the drippers:-

  • Ultra slim
  • High-tech concept
  • Made from long-life lasting materials
  • Fits any hose diameter
  • Consistently clog-free performance
  • Excellent emission uniformity of flow rate as low as: 3.4%
  • Excellent flow coefficient
  • Available flow rates 1.0l/hr,1.6l/hr,2.0l/hr,2.4l/hr
  • Spacing available 15cm, 20cm,30cm


  • Drip line rolls packaged in rolls of 500mts each.
  • Wall thickness of the drip lines is 0.7mm & 1mm

Drip Fittings

16mm starter connectors, 16mm starter rubbers,16mm elbows,16mm end plug,16mm mini valves,16mm drip to drip connectors.