Over the years we have emerged as renowned manufacturers by offering a wide range of HDPE Pipes. Our pipes are designed in conformity with the European quality standards.

Our pipes are manufactured using PE 100 virgin raw material.

We meet the demands of irrigation and telecommunication sector-fibre optic cable ducting.

The advantages of HDPE Pipes:

  • They have a long service life.
  • They are abrasive resistant
  • They have breakage resistance
  • They are weather and chemical resistant.
  • They have a high flow capacity.
  • They are light in weight.

Our pipes range from 12mm to 500mm


  • 12mm -90mm are in coils of 100meters.
  • 110mm are in coils of 50meters.
  • 160mm-500mm are in pieces of either 6meters or 12mtrs.

We also have a welding machine for joining the pipes together from 63mm – 500mm.
We are also able to make fittings from 160mm -500mm manufactured in our factory on request. These are elbows, reducer couplings and tees.

We also stock compression fittings for the sizes from 16mm-110mm which are used to join the pipes together. (Coupling, tees, elbows, male adaptors, ball valves)